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Personal  Online  Data  Storage
for Estate Planning
Most people's files are saved across multiple devices, which are often password protected.  Those files will ultimately be lost, if no one knows their location or the passwords for someone's devices.  Estate PODS allow people to protect their digital assets by moving them to permanent and free online storage with customizable permissions.

Estate PODS create one location for storing all of a person's digital files.  That simplifies people's lives by putting their files in one online location that is accessible from any of their devises.  It also allows people to customize permissions to files, so they can share secure links to things like images and video.  The permissions also define who ultimately inherits each digital asset.

For estate planners, Estate PODS represent a new type of fee-based services.  Estate PODS provide estate planning attorneys with the training and tools to help clients digitize their files, store files in a secure online location, and create a digital estate plan.  The services that estate planners can offer their clients through Estate PODS include:

Digitizing Documents

Estate Planners can help individuals scan and upload their paper records to free private, secure, and permanent Estate PODS.

Digitized Media

Help clients scan and store photos in digital format, which can be organized into albums and shared with multiple family and friends.

Online Assets

Save logins and passwords to sites that contain purchased digital content that can be passed on to others - books, music, videos.

Ongoing Support

Your AI assistant will provide clients with ongoing support services, by answering questions and providing "how to" guides.

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